Magic LCMS Column Packing Materials

PremierLCMS offers three generations of Magic LCMS column packing materials selected for their superior performance characteristics in a wide range of LCMS applications.  For a price quotation or specification on any of our Magic materials, fill out the Request Information form on our Contact Us page.

First Generation Magic Materials

The "Magic" totally porous packings, introduced in 1995, have been used extensively by proteomics researchers around the world over the past three decades in both prepacked and self packed columns (as they were the first premium materials to be offered in bulk to scientists who wanted to pack their own nano-capillary LCMS columns). 

Second Generation Magic2 Materials

The "Magic2" core shell packings were introduced in 2005 as premium UHPLC materials and are used by many pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical scientists looking for UHPLC performance at HPLC pressures (as they don't require a UHPLC system). 

Third Generation Magic3 Materials

The "Magic3" totally porous packings were introduced in 2015 to provide sub 2 micron UHPLC performance. Due to their unique chemistries, they are also available in 3 and 5 micron particles to compliment the other Magic product lines for use in metabolomics, proteomics and pharmaceutical applications.