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    200nl Universal Peptide Trap/Loop for use in most 1/16" injection valves at pressures up to 20k PSI (1400 Bar) - 100 u ID X 40 mm PSDVB Polymeric Monolith Bed - P/N UPT-10040

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    PremierLCMS now offers eight universal peptide traps in four sizes (100, 200, 400 and 800 nl bed volumes) and two formats (trap/loop format for use in most 1/16” injection valves and vented column format) which can be used in most proteomics LCMS systems at pressures up to 20K PSI.  Since these traps consist of a PSDVB polymeric monolith, they can be used with most C18 columns as peptides will elute from the trap at a lower organic concentration and restack at the head of the C18 column (eliminating the band broadening cause by most other trap columns).  These extremely robust traps can be used in both forward flush and back flush mode and washed as required at any pH (2-12) or temperature to eliminate carryover and fouling from undigested proteins, cell debris or other sample contaminants.  

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    Save 25% in September, 2023 on Universal Peptide Traps for Nano-Capillary Proteomics LCMS. To take advantage of this 25% discount, enter discount code “TRAP25” at checkout or add this code to your purchase order submitted to kerry.nugent@premierlcms.com.