• Featured Product

    Our Stellar XHP2 75u ID x 250mm 1.5u 100A Reprosil Saphir C18 column is equivalent to the PepSep Ultra column from Bruker at close to half the price. It is designed for extremely high performance  peptide separations like those for very complex proteomics applications.  It is designed to operate at flows from 200-500 nl/min at pressures from 5-15K PSI with gradients of 25-100+ minutes  This configuration is a Peek sheathed fused silica column with a 1/16" nano union inlet for direct coupling with a NanoViper fitting (or equivalent) and a 1/16" Peek male outlet for direct coupling with a CaptiveSpray source. This column, like all of the standard and custom columns from PremierLCMS is available for only $600.

  • What's New at PremierLCMS

    PremierLCMS is partnering with MicrOmics Technologies in the development of products for MicroSampling, High Throughput Proteomics LCMS including Micro Tissue Samples and Single Cell Proteomics. MicrOmics is introducing a range of packed tip low flow, high performance columns that will compliment the columns that utilize separate emitters from PremierLCMS.

  • Custom Nano-Capillary Columns

    PremierLCMS provides custom premium columns to work with most Proteomics LCMS systems and applications. In addition to our full line of Reprosil and Magic HPLC and UHPLC packings, we can also custom pack any user provided materials. Although we generally do not recommend packed tip columns for flows greater than 200 nl/min (as emitters can be coupled to our columns in 2-10 nl of post column volume and provide post column voltage and replacement of fouled tips without loss of the column), we can do so with our custom column packing service upon request. We currently pack columns with ID's from 50-200 micron and lengths from 50 to 500 mm, but are open to other sizes as requested. All of our columns have a screened 1/16" female inlet (nanoViper compatible) and we offer a variety of column outlets to fit most LCMS platforms.