• Featured Product

    The Stellar XHP1 column (75u ID x 250mm 1.5u 100A Reprosil Saphir C18) is ideal for extremely high performance  peptide separations.  It is designed to operate at flows from 200-500 nl/min at pressures from 5-15K PSI with gradients of 25-100+ minutes. This configuration is a Peek sheathed fused silica column with a screened 1/16" nano union inlet for direct coupling with a NanoViper fitting (or equivalent) and a screened 1/16" nano union outlet for direct coupling with a  NanoViper fitting (or equivalent) or CaptiveSpray Emitter.

  • What's New at PremierLCMS

    PremierLCMS is introducing the Stellar line of Extreme Performance Liquid Chromatography (XPLC) columns packed with the industry leading 1.5u 100A Reprosil Saphir C18 material for proteomics LCMS applications.  Although we routinely produce capillary columns in lengths from 50-250 mm and internal diameters of 50, 75, 100 and 150 micron, we plan to stock the five most popular sizes in two configurations for immediate shipment upon receipt of orders.

  • Monthly Special

    The performance of Stellar columns is comparable to commercial 1.5u columns from other vendors that cost between $750 and $1500 but are being introduced at a list price of $500 for any Stellar column purchased in 2023.