Recommended Columns

Although PremierLCMS will pack a wide range of custom columns requested by our customers, we stock the 8 most popular Stellar XPLC columns (four sizes in two configurations) packed with the industry leading 1.5u or 1.9u Reprosil C18 materials for a variety of bottom up proteomics LCMS applications. Our nano-capillary columns consist of a polished fused silica tube (50-150 u ID) jacketed with 1/32" Peek tubing for robustness and are terminated with an internal frit for coupling to a wide range of ESI spraytips with <0.5nl volume. All PremierLCMS columns are individually tested by LCMS and come with a column test certificate.

High Resolution Separation of 10 Protein Digest on Stellar XHP1 Column


High Throughput Separation of 10 Protein Digest on Stellar UHT2 Column