Custom Nano-Capillary LCMS Columns

PremierLCMS can custom pack the 1.5u 100A Reprosil Saphir C18 and 1.9u 120A Reprosil Pur C18 materials, as well as our full range of Magic, Magic2 and Magic3 materials into a wide variety of nano-capillary column IDs (75, 100, 150 and 200 micron), lengths (50-500 mm) and column configurations:

A = 1/16" Female Inlet - 1/16" Female Outlet

K = 1/16" Female Inlet - 1/16" Male Outlet

J = 1/16" Female Inlet - 1/16" to 365u Union Outlet

F = 1/16" Female Inlet - 1/32" to 365u Union Outlet

X = 1/16" Female Inlet - 365u OD Fused Silica Outlet w/o Fitting 

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