Universal Peptide Trap Columns

 PremierLCMS has developed a new line of universal peptide trap columns that consist of a PSDVB monolith bed with a porosity ideally suited for molecules from 500 - 20,000 daltons.   Available in five sizes (50, 100, 200, 400 and 800 nl) in three configurations (loop/trap, vented column and dual union), these traps can be used in most proteomics LCMS systems to load, concentrate and desalt samples while protecting the analytical nano-capillary column. These traps work well with most C18 nano-capillary columns as peptides elute from the PSDVB phase at a lower organic solvent concentration and restack at the head of the C18 column prior to separation and detection by LCMS.  These monolithic traps have very low back pressure to allow rapid loading of relatively large sample volumes.  In the example below, a 200 nl trap (100u ID x 40 mm long) was loaded with 20 ul of a 10 ng/ul E. coli digest (200 ng) in 2 minutes at 10 ul/min prior to LCMS and the results compared favorable to a 200 nl loop injection of a 1000 ng/ul digest.